Growing Taller-Methods and Tips

Girl Measuring Her Father's Height

At times you may feel like your friends are growing taller than you especially if you are in your teen years and you keep wondering if there is anything you can do to catch up. The truth is that growing tall is naturally a genetically conjoined process which means that it is out of our control.

Being tall is said to boost your confidence levels and this assists you in building better relationships due to high self-esteem. People normally attain their maximum heights during puberty but is it possible for an adult who gets enough of sleep, exercises regularly and eat the right foods to gain some more inches?

Nutrition and overall body wellness or health can maximize your growth potential. Through various activities and adjustments in your normal life routine you can maximize your growth rate in height. The following methods and tips can be of great assistance to you if you are seeking to learn how to grow taller than you are.

Eat a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet will not only improve your overall health but also will influence the how tall you will grow. For maximum height growth include the following in your daily dietary needs.

  • Ensure you eat plenty of calcium rich foods. Calcium is normally found in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kales and also in dairy products. Calcium is vital for the growth of healthy bones in your body.
  • Zinc is important since its deficiency causes stunted growth in males. The sources of zinc include wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, lamb, crab and peanuts. Ensure you include oysters too in your diet since it is a rich source of zinc.
  • Lean proteins such as fish, white meat found in poultry and soy are responsible for promoting muscle growth and also the growth of healthy and strong bones. This will improve the growth rate of your femur bone.
  • Vitamin D is known to promote muscle and bone growth especially in children. Deficiency of this important vitamin in the body has been associated with stunted growth and may also lead to weight gain in girls in their teenage. Good sources of vitamin D include mushrooms and fish.

Get adequate and quality sleep each night

It is proven that quality sleep improves overall body health and it is also important since during sleep, the body grows and repairs itself. It is recommended that one should at least get between 9 to 11 hours of sleep if one is still in the teenage years for maximum growth and development of your bones. Research has shown that the human growth hormone is produced during sleep and therefore getting good and quality sleep encourages the production of the human growth hormone.

Avoid habits that stunt your growth rate

Even though there might not be a lot that you could do to grow taller than you are, you can make several adjustments to your daily lifestyle to ensure that your natural height is not stunted or shortened by influences you can avoid.

  • Avoid intake of too much caffeine into your body. Even though scientific studies show that caffeine does not stunt your growth, there is a higher chance that too much caffeine can keep you from getting sound sleep. Teenagers and children need many hours of sleep and hence coffee should be avoided since it may hurt their abilities to get quality sleep.
  • Avoid smoking at all costs. The effects of smoking cigarettes are obviously known to cause negative effects to the body. According to various studies, teenagers who indulge in smoking or are exposed to second hand smoke tend to be shorter than the ones who do not smoke or are not exposed to cigarette smoke.
  • Steroids are known to enhance mass gain and muscle growth but little do people know that the anabolic steroids inhibit bone growth. Teens and children who suffer from conditions such as asthma and use inhalers that release small doses of budesonide steroid are always, on average, about almost an inch shorter than those not treated with such inhalers.

Exercise especially during your teen and adolescent years ensure maximum growth and development

Exercises are well known to keep the body fit and to get rid of bad fats in the body. Working out your body during your puberty and teen years ensures normal and optimal growth of the body and bones. Some exercises such as jumping workouts, dancing and even hanging makes your body active and works out your muscles.

  • You should make a point of joining a gym since it will give you good access to proper exercises through muscle building machines. The gym will also keep you psyched up to work out
  • Take strolls around if you have nothing else to do. Try to avoid the use of a car every time you need to run small errands. This will keep the body worked out and will assist in proper body and bones development and therefore improve your height modestly.
  • You can join a local sports team in your neighborhood or even the school sports teams. This will ensure you burn extra calories and positively get your body taller. The good thing about joining a sports team is that you will not even notice how much you have exercised.

How to Get Taller Systems


If you are looking to increase your height, irrespective of your age, then I am certain you are looking for how to get taller systems. Do they really exist? Of course, they do. Therefore, you are not chasing elusive fantasies. What you want is a sure-fire plan that you can follow to make the most of your growth if you are still within the active growing age range, or simply increase your height even if you are a full-blown adult and are way past the active growing age range. Luckily, for you, there are many how to get taller systems available to help you achieve your goal.

Most of the systems will educate you on the three fundamentals of height increase, which are namely, sleep, exercise and diet, in no particular order of importance. However, the truth is that these work well for those who are still within their active growing age range. But, if you are past the age of active growth, the emphasis would be on exercise. Exercise is a cardinal constituent of all how to get taller systems. This is on account of the fact that intensified exercise releases nitric oxide and lactic acid, which trigger the release of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The release of the Human Growth Hormone, in turn, provides the signal for bones to increase in length or height.

Embarking on the right exercises at least thrice a week for thirty minutes will induce growth in anyone, old or young. Engaging in lightweight, resistance exercises will release the growth hormone in sufficient quantities to give the desired results. You might want to stay away from heavyweights as they might lead to the use of HGH in increasing muscle tissues instead of bone height or length. It is ideal to make a ten-minute workout session, after every resistance exercise, part of your exercise routine.

If you are still growing, you need to support your exercises with the appropriate bone and muscle growth nutrition. You can ensure this by getting plenty of food materials rich in vitamin D, magnesium and calcium. You might want to stay away from soda on account of its phosphorous content. Certain amounts of phosphorous hinder the absorption of calcium, which can inhibit your desired increase in bone length or height. You are also required to eat a balanced combination of other healthy nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.

Furthermore, you need to have plenty of rest to allow your bones and muscles to grow. The human body needs a time of respite to engage in growth-inducing cell division. Therefore, I recommend that you get eight to ten hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

If you are more than twenty, you can achieve a desired increase in height by mostly exercising to expand the gaps between the vertebrae of your vertebral column. I also recommend that you embark on posture-improvement exercises. You can gain as much as three to five inches of height by following through with these two exercises. You can give yourself a good head start by doing superman lifts, crunches and cat-and-dog stretches. Getting taller is achievable by the resolute and disciplined application of these how to get taller systems.

Exercises to become taller


Almost everyone wants to get taller and this article might be the right choice to fulfill your dream. Below mentioned are some widely prescribed exercises to get taller. These, when done on a regular basis are sure to produce result. Patience and determination are also needed for fulfilling your dream of getting taller. Here are a few exercises recommended by majority of the trainers:

1)Hopping: One of the simplest exercises that can be done anywhere. All you have to do is hop on one leg ten times continuously with your hands pointing upwards. Repeat the same with the other leg. Ten repetitions on both legs are recommended. This exercise strengthens the legs and initiates the production of growth hormones.

2)Hanging: Hanging exercises are the most effective ones to get taller. Select a horizontal bar to hang from. Suspend yourself with your spine and arms stretched out Lift your thighs up to waist level and hold this position for 20 seconds. Repeat this 10 times. Gradually increase the number of repetitions but not beyond 25 per day. This exercise provides you a strong stomach and arms.

3)Cat Stretch: Get on all fours with arms locked out Inhaling air through your nose, bring your head up and simultaneously flex your spine down. Then simply reverse the position, lifting your spine and bringing your head down and exhale during this process through your mouth. One repetition of this should take 5-8 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times daily. This puts stress on your stomach and extends the limits of your spine thereby enhancing its growth.

4)Cobra Stretch: Lie down on the floor or mat with your abdomen touching the floor with hands under your shoulder. Legs must be straight. Start inhaling heavily while you thrust your upper body off the floor supported by your arms. Remain in this position for 30 seconds. Now slowly exhale with your mouth and bring back your upper body to the original position. Make sure the spine is in a stretched state throughout this process.

5)Pelvic Shift: Pelvic shift exercise targets the hips and lower spine. This is probably the easiest and fairly effective method for getting taller. Lie on your back and bend your knees bringing your feet close to your hips. Hands should be kept rigid beside your body. Now thrust your pelvic area higher so that your hips are about 20 cms into the air. Hold this position for 20 seconds. Repeat this 10 times a day. The most important part of all this is not to get discouraged. Be patient and try to be confident in your approach. Increasing height through exercises is a complex process and it will take a while to see noticeable changes in your body.

Proper nutrition to get taller


When it comes to getting taller, may might say that basket ball is the secret weapon that can be deployed to gain height. But, the truth is proper nutrition along with exercise plays a very important role in reaching a good height. Here are some diet tips that you can follow to get taller the right way.


We might have heard it a million times coming out of your Mom’s mouth already- ” You need protein for strength. Eat your meat”. The fact is too much meat can be harmful. Childhood obesity is a real problem nowadays and it is high time to be aware about the type of meats that are good for your body. Lean meats like chicken and turkey should be favored. Also, lean cuts of beef and pork can be food that you can indulge in once in a while. Go for seafood and fishes like salmon and trout to satisfy your non-vegetarian taste without adding harmful cholesterol and calories. Foods like beans, lentils, soybeans, gram, chickpeas, hummus, peanut butter, eggs, whole grains, etc can be excellent sources of protein as well


It is very often seen that many of us lack the stamina to continue playing or exercising for a long enough time That is because we consume foods rich in refined flour and refined sugars that can heighten our energy levels after consumption and soon after make a see a great slump thereafter. Therefore, it is important to consume foods rich in fiber that can keep you feeling fuller for a longer time and still provide a steady flow of energy. Fiber rich foods can be whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Vitamins and minerals

These are the most important things that should not be ignored in order to be healthy and reach a proper height. They also aid in the proper functioning of the thyroid and other endocrine glands which in turn ensures that your growth hormone is released in the proper amount into your blood stream. The growth hormone along with your genes determines the height you will grow to and stop. Consume foods rich in nutrients like broccoli, brussel’s sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce and other green vegetables. Add some color to your plate by eating pumpkins, squash, carrots, bell peppers, etc which are good sources of Vitamin A that is very necessary for having good eyesight.

Consume seasonal fruits to get ample nutrients that will help in enriching and fortifying your body. The food that you eat does no always have to be tasty. Remember that you are what you eat and so treat your body with kindness in order to reap the maximum benefits out of it

How to get taller


Have you ever thought about how life would be if you were taller? Maybe how people would change the way they look at you? That they’d look up to you instead of looking down? Well if you have at one time had any of these questions and you have been desperately looking for a solution then look no more because it is now very possible. The possibility of your adding some inches to your height is actually easier than you might have presumed.

There are established measures that can help you improve on your height quite fast and these include surgical procedures and even supplement pills. This however come with their adverse side effects one of them being too much pain. The best and most recommended method would be to engage yourself in exercises that are natural. One of these natural exercises will include having enough sleep and resting every day. This is the reason why kids are often told to sleep more and more It is normally during sleep that pituitary glands work on obtaining some additions to your height. Growth hormones excretion which is the work of pituitary glands is also activated when you are at rest or sleeping. Stretching exercises such as yoga and swimming also aid in height enhancement as your spine will be straighter and far more decompressed. You will also have a much more toner back.

To grow taller, you need to really focus on your diet. Having the feeling that you might be past your growth spurt means not that you cannot grow taller. That is the sole reason why you will need to check on your diet. Instead of consuming foods that are high in sugars and fats, you need to start going for healthier options. You need to eat more food containing vitamins and other nutrients in plenty. This can range from lean meats, and vegetables to fruits. You should also consider drinking a cup of milk a day to aid in growing tall. A cup of milk contains calcium of around 300mg which can boost the growth of bones. Adults need around 3000mg to repair damaged bones as well as foster growth.

For increase in height, you might also want to check on your posture. If you slouch while sitting or your back and lean while standing then now is the right time to change that Sitting and standing straight should be one of your greatest priorities. Too much stress or pressure should not be put to your back therefore the best thing would be to practice good posture regularly.